day 3

4:02 AM

Today is Day 3 of being home from Uganda and I'm finding there's a battle going on in my mind and heart. There was little to no time while in country to process the stories and the impact these beautiful people had on my life in such a short time. I'm back in S. Africa and I'm finding it difficult to quickly switch gears to focus on what needs my attention now. I'm behind on so many things, but all I want to do when I sit down in front of the computer is write the stories before I forget and gaze at my photos. I think this daily space is going to serve as my time to do just that.

beautiful group of kids


If I carry on in the busyness of life without taking the time to tell their stories and give that voice to the voiceless, then my time was in vain. I'll see you back here tomorrow with the story of my new friend, Sseguya. He's got some great dreams for his life!

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  1. Love that sideways look in the second photo. :)

  2. Such beautiful photos! Just remember, Jen: God will give you enough of everything... enough time... enough... to record and to remember and to process... deep breath... enough... ;) sending hugs and prayers your way ~ tanna

  3. Looking forward to their stories.

  4. These images are beautiful, our church supports a clinic in Uganda, where were you at?

  5. so interesting! we are all in this together. thanks for helping humanity!!

  6. So looking forward to hearing these stories. Beautiful photos!


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