sandra, jen's mini me

12:00 AM

The day we went to Uganda Jesus Village I made a little friend, Sandra. What do you think? Do you think she could be my mini me?

mini me 

I played a little hide and go seek with Sandra and took photos of her cute sass and then she disappeared for a little bit. She came back bathed with a fresh pair of clothes on and handed me a note. It read...

The Mumy of Sandra have said that if you what to take Sandra to America, you are free. Thanks, Thanks. By. By. God Bless You.

criss cross

My heart broke but not necessarily because this mother was willing to hand her child over to a complete stranger. No, my heart broke because this mother wants her daughter to have opportunities beyond what she can give her. As I talked to mothers, their number one prayer request was that they would have school fees for their children. It may only equal a couple of dollars a quarter, but it's more than many people can afford in Uganda. I'm praying for Sandra that opportunities beyond what she can imagine would come her way. Would you join me?

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  1. School fees can change the course of their lives and they're so small... But everyone needs them it seems/is overwhelming. Glad you are posting!

  2. Oh, Jen, that's heartbreaking! Agreeing with you in prayer!

  3. Sigh, my thoughts and heart goes out to Sandra. She's a sassy little model and so stylish too. I truly wish the best for her

  4. Oh, Jen! I can not imagine. Joining you in prayer. Sandra is just precious!

  5. Magnificent portraits full of tenderness.

  6. What a beautiful little girl. Heartbreaking that for this Mom, freedom and opportunities for her daughter are only represented by a faraway country with strangers. Thanks for posting this, I will pray for Sandra.

  7. I hope she does get wonderful opportunities! So much life in that little girl!


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