the power of a photograph

12:00 AM

Even though kids are generally easier to capture naturally with the camera, a few adults obliged and let me take their photo. Although, some got cheeky with me and told me they would only do it if I could get them to the front of the line. I couldn’t do that and even if I could, it would have created a mob. I had my own request and that was that they had to actually smile for the camera. It was amazing how many laughed hysterically when they saw their smiling face on the back of my camera. It’s another reminder of the power of a photograph.

so beautiful

on her head

mama and baby

in agony

I went to Uganda to capture the stories through photography of what God is doing there through Adonai Partners.

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  1. Beautiful portraits - love them all!

  2. Fabulous!!! The women look so elegant. I can't decide which of the pictures of women with children is my favourite.

  3. What beautiful people! You captured them well!

  4. These are gorgeous Jen! Do you mind shooting me an e-mail? I have a missions questions from a friend that I wanted to connect you with. YOu came to mind and I think you would be a great resource for her.

  5. Oh these are so stunning, Jen! Beautiful. I love how colorful their clothing is! :)

  6. Your photos are always so beautiful, and it is such a blessing to be able to see all this places and meet all this people that I wouldn't other ways. Thanks for sharing!


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