walking the streets

12:00 AM

I feel like every time I've gotten on here lately to write a blog post, I'm talking about my brain being on overload, so I won't talk about that this time, I'll just post photos. :)

girl in the streets

the slums

in her doorway

cute boy

These were taken in the area just outside the orphanage where Sseguya lives. It was definitely a poorer area, but what a joy to walk the streets and take photos of ladies sitting in their doorway (even if they thought it was hilarious). The best part was all the children yelling mzungu and walking with me through the streets. I must find the photo someone took of that scene!

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  1. Extraordinary photos, Jen. They speak volumes. I am sure every part of your being is on overload. Thank you for sharing... and, hope you find that photo! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey with us!

  3. I'd like to see the picture of the crowd of children following you as well. I'm sure they were all giggles and smiles

  4. Again, such beautiful pictures! I'm sure you still have so much to process.

  5. Striking images, I love the one of the woman in the doorway. She is beautiful.


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