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My posting has not been consistent lately due largely to the fact that I'm trying to adjust to internet here in S. Africa. You don't realize how nice fast, uncapped internet is until you have to pay per megabyte. In the states, I never wonder how many megabytes it takes to upload a photo. Here I am much more conscious of it.

It does have its advantages, though, like less time online. This past weekend, I put surfing the web aside and instead enjoyed...

watching the girls "paint" themselves with the juice they made from the mulberries they picked up off the ground.

mulberry painting

crushing berries

seeing Joshua play with toys he hasn't seen for 2 1/2 years.


pulling not one but two front teeth from Emma G's mouth!

two front teeth

as all the signs of a fire drew near, watching helicopters scoop water from the dam and pour it over the flames.


This weekend was the first time I picked up my camera since Uganda. It was nice to have a break, but now I have to get in gear to capture lots of snaps of the cousins together before they leave in two weeks!

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  1. I generally use 5MB/month if I avoid uploading video or watching them. Recently I found a decently-priced decently-fast plan and now I'm in the world of having to use self-control rather than no-more-internet-quota control!

    Lovely photos, particularly Emma G's new grin!

  2. Love the pics, especially the toothless one! My youngest has 3 lose teeth now and he´s so impatient for them to fall out. :-)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love the toothless grin!

  4. Painting with the juice... oh those girls are creative! Love it! Beautiful Emma G smile! :)

  5. Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us. Your children are adorable!


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