a wet weekend

12:00 AM

Summer here in the Lowveld means rainy season. It seems as though the rainy season is striking a bit early this year. It was one wet weekend and not just wet but cold, like chilling to your bones cold. I don't like being reduced to talking about the weather and moaning about too hot, too cold, too wet, but this cold, wet weather has made me quite the recluse, perhaps with an edge of grumpiness. It was so cold and wet yesterday that I stayed in my pj's all.day.long.

Sweet kids

We did have a bright spot in the midst of it all. Emma G and her friend (who happens to be five years older than her but also happens to share her love for baking) concocted a brilliant plan Friday evening. They (along with their siblings) decided to cook dinner for their parents. I helped them as needed with the menu, but they made the shopping list. I took them to the store, but they purchased the groceries with their own money. (I hated them spending their own money, but then I remembered that insisting on paying would rob them from the blessing.) They made salad and homemade pizzas, decorated the table with a tablecloth, candles and flowers, and even washed the dishes. I told you it was a bright spot in the midst of our dreary weekend.

Any bright spots in your weekend? 

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  1. It sounds comfy to stroll around in your pj´s though - even if the weather could be better. :-) I´ve had a good weekend; a little bit of this and a little bit of that - as it should be. :-)

  2. Amazing dinner! So much love went into it.

  3. going to show the kids this post....hope they are inspired to do the same....we have had one day of summer, so far down south, it seems like winter is going to visit here tomorrow...;)

  4. That's incredibly sweet! Buying groceries with their own money?! Heck my sister won't even do that and she's 24

  5. Aww... that is so sweet! Looks delicious and such a pretty table setting. A 'pj all day' day sounds nice! ;)

  6. How wonderful! I love that they spent their own money making you dinner!


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