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Since we are a traveling family, one of the things that really excited me about home schooling was being able to incorporate our travels into school and make the places we visit a hands on learning experience. Next month we will spend three weeks traveling around England and Ireland. We've spent the last couple of weeks studying these countries, and the kids have loved it! Did you know that the crossword puzzle was invented by an Englishman? We even found the very first one ever published.


Yesterday we studied Ireland and I found it quite fascinating, as a photographer, that color photography was first invented by an Irishman. We went on a little adventure taking photos and then compared them in color and black & white. I loved hearing which ones they liked better and why. There's definitely a time and a place for both. We also looked at the photos just in black & white and tried to imagine what it was like to only see photographs that way.


Early next week we are headed to Swaziland for a couple of days. That means we get to study another country. I love that my kids are getting to experience what we're reading and see it with their own eyes. It's truly a privilege to lead this life we are living!


So, tell me what do like about both color and black & white photography?

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  1. In black & whites, I love how some item that wasn't noticed in color suddenly pops! And of course I love the color in color photos! ;) I wish I knew some technical terms & all, but I don't have anything smart to say about photography. I truly appreciate it, though, and hope to one day know more!

  2. I love the way B&W photography emphasizes textures and emotions, and I love the way color brings an image to life!

  3. I agree... they both have their own time and place. It is interesting that sometimes a black and white will show details that you wouldn't have noticed in a colored photo. Love these gorgeous shots. I am so excited for the traveling you will be doing. We have always wanted to see Ireland. I can not wait to see your photos! :)


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