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I hope you all haven't grown tired of all my Uganda photos. I feel like there's still so much more to show you! I had to pause on the photo editing for about a week and a half. There was just too much on my plate. This week, however, my "studio" returned to photo editing, and I finished all my photos from Dino.

walking with ax


I've shared my favorite snaps, the photos of the poor children that screamed in my presence, the power of a photograph, the daily chore of pumping water, the beautiful age lines of the mature, the sweet children, and shots of the doctors and dentists that worked so hard to see all the patients.

dentist line

 waiting and waiting

My hope is that I was able to paint a picture of what Dino was like...a bit chaotic but filled with such an amazing beauty, both the land and the people.

dentist line2

the clinic

Now that I've painted the picture, I have a few stories to tell you next week. You won't want to miss hearing about Tonny, Sharon, and James!

mom and baby 

Linking up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday.


I went to Uganda to capture the stories through photography of what God is doing there through Adonai Partners.

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  1. You have created a wonderful painting, Jen. blessings ~ tanna

  2. I love, interesting portraits, frames, lights and shades stunning photos, and all with a delicious naturally. Greetings.

  3. Jen, my heart is in Uganda. I left it there in 2007. My sister lived there for 7 years, brought two Ugandan babies home w/ her. I cannot stop thinking about that place. I love your photos. They remind me ALOT of ours we have from our trip there.

    We are currently planning to adopt from Uganda and I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better.


  4. Hey Jen I love these pictures. Especially the one of the baby in the mother's lap. I've followed you on Twitter; would love for you to do the same so we can stay connected. Blessings Terri I'm coming from ITS SNF -- LOL Please check out the Neon Green and Pink Avatar!

  5. so much in those beautiful faces, you've captured so much with your camera, allowed us to see far beyond the limits of our own life. Thank you

  6. Not tiring of these photos at all! I love seeing what you are seeing. I love hearing the stories. It is so amazing, Jen. You are doing such a wonderful job of sharing their story. What a beautiful mama and precious baby in that last photo!

  7. I really like that last photo as well - you really did do a beautiful job with taking pictures of everyone and everything


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