ninth day of school photos

12:00 AM

Normally Moms take first day of school photos. Well, apparently this Mom doesn't. On our first day of school, my two little entrepreneurs decided to start a little business. They baked snickerdoodles and shortbread cookies to sell at University Village. In the moment when the light was just right, I couldn't bear to pull them away from their little business.

jman school

his smile

eg school


Day two was our bi-monthly community braai so it was forgotten. Days three through five, the forecast was rain. And day six? Well, that was our thirteenth anniversary, so Jeremy and I spent the afternoon and evening just the two of us. Then there was more rain. Yada. Yada. Yada. Finally the day came. The sky was beautiful so we got those photos. I knew I had to incorporate the classic Africa tree in my photo. I love those acacia trees!


at the desk


miss chatty

Aren't they cute?

And with their teacher. :) The photo of Emma G and I is Joshua's "artistic" shot. Not sure why she looks so bored.

jman & his teacher

eg & her teacher

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  1. Fun photo shoot! Glad you finally got the opportunity. :)

  2. Great pictures! Your kids look very at home in Africa :)

  3. Those are the most adorable shots - love the picture with your daughter and those huge boots :)

  4. Somehow I missed these... these are fantastic shots! I love the boots and feet kicked up on the desk!!


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