a proper english experience in suffolk

12:00 AM

suffolk sky


Before this trip, Jeremy and I had only been to two cities in England, London and Birmingham. I must say that seeing more of the English countryside has been such a treat! It feels like we've gotten a "proper" English experience. :)

eating sour grapes

sun through the forest

We've added several words to our vocabulary...lie in, proper, dodgy, fancy, and wellies, which is what we used to take a walk through the beautiful forest to the vineyard. Fancy that?

walking through the woods

her new friend

And how do you like that salmon house? Apparently it's a Suffolk thing to have a pink house.

pink suffolk house

Thank you Banks family for such a great time! We're looking forward to the next time we see you!

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  1. Great pics all of them - but the first is just gorgeous!

  2. That beautiful, beautiful photos with these delicious autumnal atmosphere landscapes, I like the colors, especially the sky in the first. A greeting.

  3. Beautiful! And I'm so glad your English experience included a peacock :)

  4. Oh that was fun, such wonderful pictures and I must say you all look rather fetching in your wellies :-) That is some grand manor in pink!

  5. I love learning the words we use that they don't & vice versa. And it's so funny to have a conversation in English, but still not understand what they're talking about! :)

  6. Beautiful pics! Looks like a fun change of pace :)

  7. Fancy that... love it! :) Looks like a beautiful area!

  8. I hope you had a proper lie in and didn't encounter too many dodgy things in your wellies!

  9. That looks like an appropriately British getaway - good on ya


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