a quick trip to swaziland

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beautiful view

Yesterday we came back from a quick trip to Swaziland. When you live in a country different than your passport indicates, you must deal with visas. Sometimes they are like one of those necessary evils, if you know what I mean. The longest amount of time we thought we would be here this trip was three months. Three months came and went on Monday as well as our visa allowance. Since we are planning on applying for our visas from the U.S., we needed to hop a border to stay legal.

my boy

Swaziland is a beautiful country with gorgeous mountains. We stayed with friends at a YWAM base and the view was spectacular (although very hard to capture on camera). As I looked across at the mountains, all I could think of was Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I wanted to run across those mountains, arms open wide, singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!"


On the drive there, I took the opportunity to tell some of the history for our home schooling. Did you know that Swaziland is one of the few monarchs still in the world? It has two capitals which I also found quite interesting. Only a million people live in this small country the size of New Jersey. 

setting sun

cow passing

We had a lovely time and got a few extra days on our visa. Joshua and I did a quick little photo shoot with the setting sun. I’m thinking these would have been a good link up for this month’s Color Your World ORANGE. How do you like the cow walking by as I was trying to capture the tree with the sun?

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  1. That cow is definitely a diva - just waiting for you to take the shot :)

  2. I think the one WITH the cow is my favorite! So fun that you got to go to Swaziland even if it was for a random visa reason. What a cool opportunity your kids are having at such impressionable ages!

  3. These are perfect for our orange month. What a gorgeous view! I can totally see you running across those mountains and singing!! :)

  4. That sunset -- a gift from above! :)


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