fall in england

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beautiful fall in england

I really can't believe I had the thought, "I wish we were flying back sooner so I could see Fall in New England." Instead I'm seeing Fall in England and it's just as beautiful! Last week (or maybe that was a few days ago, I can't keep up), we stayed in a little town near Hayward's Heath in the South of England. There's a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) location nestled along the country road.

along the drive

his laugh

Holmsted Manor was just beautiful. I've always loved trees lining the drive. It just feels so welcoming when you drive onto the property. We had fun exploring a bit of the grounds (even in the rain) and sitting by the fire to warm up.

Went for a walk. In the rain. In #wellies. Gorgeous.

Emma G said she wanted to live in the manor but then was worried how it got cleaned. There is a price to pay for living in a huge home!

holmsted manor

(Side note: We fly into NY next week and will spend some time in New England. Hence my Fall in New England comment.)

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  1. Beautiful photos!

    Every time I think it would be nice to live in a slightly larger house, I stop and think about all that extra square footage to clean!

  2. Jen...I am just loving your England series here...oh and the photos...one day I hope to do justice to scenery the way that you do! {Did I tell you that my sis and I are taking photography classes?}

  3. I'm travelling with you ;) beautiful Autumn photos. oh, and I love your banner. can't remeber if I said it already but every time I enter your blog that's what I think :) happy Wednesday. xxo

  4. It's beautiful!! So many bright greens! :)

  5. How beautiful! I'm glad you'll still get to see Fall in New England as well. We don't really have fall here!

  6. have a great trip to New England. happy Sunday :)


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