flying once again

12:00 AM


Lately I've realized just how much of an adventure we are living. Sometimes I think it's crazy. Other times I think it's awesome. One thing is for sure. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I count it a blessing that God lets us be a part of such an amazing journey and travel to amazing places.

Today, once again we are boarding a plane destined, this time, for a three week Europe adventure in England and Ireland. We'll be traveling around sharing at various gatherings about Africa and the personal work Jeremy and I are doing (photography and music). We're so excited to see friends and add a new country to our list!

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  1. Oh enjoy - and do show pics afterwards! :-)

  2. How exciting!! I'm so jealous about your England trip. We have friends that we've been wanting to visit there for a long time ~ hopefully next summer! Enjoy!!

  3. So exciting, Jen! Can not wait to hear and see about your next adventures!!

  4. What's the new country?? Love it that you get to travel so much, and fun pic, too!!


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