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narnia world

Before coming to England, Jeremy had started reading The Magician's Nephew, the first book in the Narnia series, to the kids. Joshua was fascinated by the homes in London as the book sort of came to life for him. It was so cool to see his eyes light up as he talked about the book. In fact, this photo was his idea.

This photos brings another image to my mind...

Right around the corner from this is where London was inspired. The other night Jeremy was talking about that day six years ago and how God spoke loud and clear to him to SING. Six years. Sometimes we think God speaks, and it will be instant. Other times (most times) God is more concerned about the journey getting there. As Jeremy shared and then played London, I looked around to see a packed house. Tears started coming as I thought about how good God is. We can't always see around the corner, but He is faithful to bring us there. He is so good to us...

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  1. There are so many classic books that make more since once you've been in England!

  2. yes. God is never instant.

    journey is my favorite word. it means "to travel from one place to another." it's always about the journey isn't it.

    may God continue to be glorified in your lives as you journey.

  3. That is so beautiful, Jen! He is faithful. Love hearing about your family's journey!

  4. How exciting for Josh to be discovering the series alongside your trip to England!


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