oh, sweet leah

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me and leah

If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram during my time in Uganda, you would have heard me talk about Leah. This girl was a sweetie that blessed me so much. I know it sounds cheesy but it was as if we spotted each other the minute our bus drove into the lot. She found me, and we became instant friends. The saddest part about the day I left Arut was leaving Leah. I mean she stuck to me like glue. Even the day that I took the time to sit and write, she sat with me and fell asleep on my leg.

Leah1   Leah2

Leah's mom is one of the pre-school teachers at the school that Adonai Partners has established in their community. I never met her dad. He didn't show his face one time in the five days we were there. Not only did I spend a lot of time with Leah, but I also went and sat with her mom in their little hut. Sometimes we talked. Other times we just sat in the silence. Maybe it sounds weird, but there was a bond that happened with that sweet family. I've even heard from Leah's mom since I left. Email exists even in the African bush!

Leah3   Leah4

I took A LOT of photos while I was in Arut. When I started editing this portion of my trip, it had been a few weeks since my return. I didn't even remember the little Leah photo shoot that I found on my computer. It was like opening a gift. By looking at the photos, my guess is that she didn't realize I was shooting her and when she did, she posed, and then got all silly on me. Exactly as a four year old should! Please remember Leah and her family in your prayers. Leah's mom's biggest prayer request was for school fees for her daughter.

leah's family

I went to Uganda to capture the stories through photography of what God is doing there through Adonai Partners.

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  1. Leah is a sweetie! Those bog brown eyes are wonderful. Must be good to be able to keep up some contact via email.

  2. Delicious photos, very sweet with beautiful smiles. Excellent colors.

  3. She is totally adorable - I'm such a sucker for kids with a great smile

  4. Whoa! These are simply breathtaking. What a sweetie. I've enjoyed perusing your other pics on other posts as well! What a gift!

  5. Such a beautiful girl - her mother, too!

  6. My Leah!!!! I just love her!

    I fell in love with her in the pictures you posted on Twitter (I'm @bethenasia) and was so glad to see even more!

  7. What a beautiful little girl. This is such a sweet story. It made me cry. I will pray for Leah and her Mama and Daddy today.

  8. this is just beautiful.

    look at how leah's face lights up.
    how sweet of God to give you such a gift in this relationship while you were there.

    i pray that God will be leah's God, that she will seek Him and find Him, that she will live in His love and will and glorify Him with her life. I pray in the Saving name of Jesus, Amen.

  9. Leah is so adorable, I love how you have captured the spark that is in her in those photos!


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