because i'm electric

12:00 AM

Steering us to our gate.

We had super travels from Dallas to White River. I was dreading it, to be honest. We had a 7:20 am flight from Dallas to Washington, D.C., followed by a 6 1/2 hour layover and a 17 hour flight to Johannesburg. I loathe the direct flight. Seventeen hours in a tin can is a little much. The first half of the flight, before our quick re-fueling stop in Dakar, mine and Emma G's entertainment didn't work. I think the last several flights I've flown, I've had issues with my entertainment system. I think it's because I'm electric, and it overpowers the system. :)

How do you like Emma G steering us to our gate? It was cool to be at the front of the train and see the tunnels, fun enough for some pretend play!

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  1. Fun can be found anywhere as you and Emma prove :-) Can't imagine how tired you would be after such a long flight!

  2. You are electric, Jen! ;) Through the eyes of a child... =) Would we all enjoy such wonderful imagination...
    blessings ~ tanna

  3. What a fun photo!

    17 hours is a LONG time to sit on a plane!

  4. Ha ha! I think I must be electric, too! I have a way with electronic items. Chris is always like, "What did you do?!" And I haven't done anything but attempt to turn the device on. :/ I'm glad your trip has gone so well!


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