getting dunked

12:51 AM

I mentioned on Monday that we hosted a camp this past weekend where we bused in over 400 kids from the nearby communities we work in. The full story on that is coming soon, but for today I have some comic relief for you. One of the short-term volunteers here with us made this ingenious dunk tank, or maybe I should say dunk chair. Our gang took turns sitting in the chair while the kids threw tennis balls at the target. Needless to say, the kids loved it. It was a perfect end to the day to a hot day.

jman getting dunked

eg getting dunked

jeremy getting dunked

jen getting dunked

I fought (hard) to escape the chair. My excuse was that I had a camera in my hands. Somehow my "friends" managed to take my camera, my camera bag, and my sunglasses in one fell swoop, leaving me with no excuse. They even managed to get a photo of me in the chair. I guess every once in a while giving in to a little peer pressure isn't so bad, especially when you hear those giggles so proud of their accomplishment of a bucket of water landing on your head! And besides, my lack of participation would have meant I was the only Price fuddy dud, and we definitely can't have that.

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  1. Love how you put "friends" in quotes! :) Too fun!!!

  2. LOL! Looks like fun... but, I would have tried to avoid my turn, too. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Very funny, beautiful pictures. They look very happy underwater.

  4. How fun for the kids! You were a good sport!

  5. Your family are all great sports! This is perfect good, clean fun!


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