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looking at each other

I'm sure you all know by now how much I like visual storytelling through photography. To me, the opportunity to tell a story through images is something that I feel honored to do, especially when it involves adding a member to your family through adoption. When this family contacted me about taking their family photos shortly after they brought their second child, their son, home from Russia, I was thrilled. I am so happy for them, especially since Putin put a stop on all Americans adopting from Russia. They were literally in Russia doing the final things to bring him home when this new law was made public. Praise God he's theirs now!

the fam

sweet smile


walking with dad

kissing mom

kissing dad


Isn't this family the cutest?

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful family!!! Beautiful story through these photos... blessings ~ tanna

  2. How wonderful! We know some people who were in the process of adopting from Russia when the laws were changing. They almost didn't get to bring their girls home, but God worked it all out. These pictures a beautiful, Jen!

  3. All smiles - the way it should be. Wonderful news and wonderful pictures

  4. Oh you tell a wonderful and beautiful story, Jen. Love the story of this precious family! They are the cutest!

  5. What a beautiful family! Love your pictures, always.


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