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Happy Monday, friends! As usual, my weekend went a little too fast. Did yours also go too fast? Well, to give you a few laughs as we start the new week, I thought I would share some of my kid's creative writing activities. Once a week, I give them a creative writing prompt that I've printed out from (I love their site for printing worksheets). They usually complain and remind me, once again, that they don't like writing. I smile and tell them to do it anyway. It's good for them to exercise that part of their brain. A few weeks ago, they had the following prompts...

that look 

Imagine you won $1000, but you couldn't keep it or spend it on yourself. What would you do with it? Write one creative paragraph describing your plan.

Joshua wrote, "I would give it to TTH."

While I loved his response, I told him that a paragraph was 3-4 sentences. His response? "If you can say it in one, why use more?" Silly, silly boy. 

Next prompt.


Imagine you are a scientist and you have created a new potion. In a brief paragraph, write what your potion does. Describe its powers and how you can use it to help the world.

Emma G wrote, "If you were having a baby, it wouldn't hurt. The baby will just go PLOP! BOOM! And it wouldn't hurt."

Now how many moms wish they potion existed??

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  1. Many I´d guess, haha - so cute! :-)

  2. Ha ha! David did kind of go PLOP! BOOM! And I'm so glad I can never remember how much it hurt, afterwards. :)

    Clever answer of Joshua's, too... brevity is often a key to being a successful writer!

  3. You have some wise little souls, Jen. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  4. LOL, you have some bright kids there :-) I'm for saying it with less, less words and hey less pain sounds like brilliance to me!

  5. I like how their minds work! :) I know I've said this before, but I think Joshua & Cody would be friends!

  6. lol... i love it! smarties you got there, jen! ;)

  7. I love kids... They come up with such great things!!!

  8. I would love for it to not hurt to have a baby, but I'm not so sure about that PLOP BOOM part!

  9. You've got some brilliant kids, especially with the baby potion. Patent that one, quick

  10. Love the plop! boom! no-pain-childbirth idea :) Of course, if it were that easy, I might have ten kids!

    Hope your week's a good one.


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