i think we all need a pep talk

2:01 AM

Have you guys seen this Pep Talk from Kid President floating around social media? It's fantastic. You really need to give it a watch. It's a perfect jump start on a Monday morning!

On our Sunday night gatherings, we're doing a whole Pep Talk series based on one liners taken from this video. Subjects like identity, teamwork, unity, doing everything with excellence, dreaming, and laying down your rights are topics we're focusing on. 

Remember...create something to make the world awesome!

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  1. I´ll check it out as soon as I get home!

  2. I've seen it a couple times now! Doesn't get old :) He's so adorable! But it's a great talk video for sure; so cool ya'll are basing a series off of different things mentioned in it!

  3. We can cry about it or we can dance... I love that!! =D blessings ~ tanna

  4. thanks so much for sharing... had not seen this! :)

  5. I really really liked this video - we need more kids like this

  6. My daughter came home from school and showed me this last week. Love it!


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