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boy in the mist

girl in the mist

Saturday the kids and I (Jeremy was out of town) took a visiting team for some nearby sightseeing. I really don't think I can ever tire of the beauty of Africa. God's Window was a bit foggy (you never know what the weather will be when you get up there), but there was actually a beauty in it that was intriguing. I don't think I had ever hiked to the very, very top. It felt like you film a movie up there. Perhaps Gorillas In The Mist? We didn't encounter gorillas but some very interesting grasshoppers.

crazy grasshoppers

Our region has a ton of waterfalls, and I never get weary of seeing them (even if the water is sometimes a little murky).

mac mac falls

sabie falls

What kind of sights did you see this weekend?

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  1. the photo's brought back good memories, they say on a clear day you can see right to the Mozambique coast, however i am still to encounter someone who has seen God's Window without cloud..:) those grasshoppers are super toxic, so never pick one up...my son made the mistake once, and his hand instantly swelled up...glad to see you are enjoying South Africa..

  2. What beautiful places you have seen and been to! I have never been to Africa but my sister has and she told us the same thing. She was in Kenya for a one year volunteer stint at VSO and had the opportunity of a lifetime living and working there.

    Inside Cambodia

  3. Beautiful photos! Wow...the bugs on the aloe vera plant is awesome!

  4. These pictures are incredible-- stirs that travel bug within me. Africa's on my wish list! So glad we met through STudioJRU this week. I'm looking forward to following your blog and learning more about your ministry. Blessings! And wishes for sunshine.

  5. S. Africa is indeed a beautiful country. One day I will go back.


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