a cool map {giveaway}

12:00 AM

checking out the map

Do you know how excited I was when Maps.Com contacted me about reviewing one of their new maps? VERY. The USA New Century map is a perfect visual for my kids to keep the geography of the states fresh while living in S. Africa. It's also a great way for them to see where their family is on the other side of the world. I love the rich colors of this map. It's so visually appealing! If your eyes are intrigued, I've got a giveaway for the USA New Century map going on over at Today's Mama! Check it out and enter!

looking at map 

I mean, don't you think it would be a beautiful addition to your home?

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  1. Indeed - I love maps! Happy Easter! :-)

  2. Jen,

    I dropped by to with you and your family a happy Easter!

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria,


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