baseball cards, magical fish, and arabic?

12:00 AM

Well, we all made it through home schooling yesterday after a long break. I purposed in my heart to extend grace and exercise lots of patience. I think it helped. Actually I know it did. Joshua breezed through everything but swore that making baseball cards after reading Casey At Bat was just too hard. He gets it in his mind that anything having to do with language arts is too hard, but I persisted. Wouldn't you know it that he had a blast making them and was super proud of his creativity? I was, too.

showing off his cards

baseball cards

Meanwhile, Emma G read about a magical fish and what happens when we get greedy. You can ask her. It's not pretty, but her drawing sure is!

showing off her art

magical fish

We are nearing the end of our home schooling year for these two. At the kind advice of a friend, I'm trying to get the kid's input on what they think they need more study on as well as what topics they are interested in. Emma G is undecided, but Joshua wants to learn Arabic. He has a list of languages that he wants to learn NOW, because kids learn so much faster than adults (it's true and that's seriously his reason). He decided to tackle Arabic first because that's the hardest language. I swear this kid is like me in so many ways. By the end of the day, after some lessons on the iPad, he's undecided on Arabic. Hard? Of course, but I'm cheering him on to not give up because it's too hard!

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  1. Creative kids, there´s nothing like it! :-)

  2. I'm glad things have gone well as you've gotten back in to school! Arabic sounds incredibly hard! I'm sure if he could learn that, he could learn any language!

  3. Good for Joshua and taking on a challenge - definitely your son :)

  4. I know more than I ever thought I would about language acquisition and how neural pathways are set early on because of my daughter's hearing loss. I am amazed at how scientifically true it is that children can learn languages easier than adults! There are a lot of things I wish I would have picked up when I was younger.

  5. those baseball cards are fantastic! love emma g's drawing too. how awesome that joshua is eager to learn languages now when it is easier to learn!

  6. Love the cards and picture! I think it is awesome that Joshua is learning Arabic!


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