earth day photography {kid edition}

12:00 AM

As promised, today I bring to you the brilliant work of Joshua and Emma Grace. After much deliberation, the top three of each has been chosen. Joshua captured our growing papaya tree, the sky through the leaves, and the drive that leads to the main road.

papaya tree

sky & leaves


Emma Grace captured the view from what the kids call the monkey tree. It's a huge rock with a fantastic view, as you can see. She also got creative with a charred piece of wood and wrote "The Earth," totally appropriate since that was the photography prompt (my hand, her legs in the photo, in case you were confused). Last but not least, the beautiful and wonderful smelling plumeria, or as they say here, frangipani. I think I could smell those all day long.

the view

the earth

holding plumeria

Although young in age, their talent is blossoming. I've debated on selling my Nikon D40. I don't use it, except as a backup if something is wrong with the D90. I'm really glad I've held onto it, though. Joshua uses that while Emma G uses an old Sony Cybershot that we have. Since all three of us love photography, it's perfect to have cameras around so we can have fun capturing!

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  1. lovely capturing of learning frangipani....

  2. Love them all! Great photos and great photography idea! :)

  3. they are so talented! these photos are wonderful. that is so neat that the three of you take photos together! :)

  4. I have hung onto some of my old cameras for the same reason. I hope to do these kind of activities with my kids some day!

  5. Great pictures! The flower is so pretty!


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