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12:00 AM

macro ant

Yesterday the kids and I did a little Earth Day photography. How fun is an afternoon capturing nature's beauty with my kiddos? Very fun for this photographer mama's heart!


Now my plan was to showcase each of our top three picks from the plethora of photos we took. However, one child is still undecided on their top three which means you'll have a real treat tomorrow as I show off my two budding photographer's work.


Since it's just me today, I decided to pick more than three. I can do that since it's my blog. :) We discovered a guava tree on our property today. How fun is that! I can't eat too many at once, but I do enjoy one every now and then. It was also fun to see a line of caterpillars inching up a spider web. It looked as though they were headed to the sky. I'm guessing they were going to stop off at the leaves first.


I find it completely refreshing to admire God's amazing beauty in nature. Can't wait to show you the kid's photos tomorrow!

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  1. Lovely shots, especially the first! :-)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the ant!

  3. Oooh, this is great macro photography inspiration! What lens do you use? Those ants going to the sky crack me up!!


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