happy earth day

12:00 AM

happy earth day!

Well, today is Earth Day. It's really not even talked about here in S. Africa. At least I haven't heard anything. I do value recycling and repurposing, though. I think it's the good steward in me.

earth day banner

In honor of Earth Day, the kids and I made Earths last week for Science. They were so easy and so fun. They were also quick which meant it was easy to turn out lots to make an Earth Day banner! To make your own super easy Earths, here's what you'll need...

jman painting earth


round coffee filters
blue and green food coloring

eg painting earth


1. Drop several drops of food coloring into cups of water and stir.

2. Take your coffee filter, dip your paintbrush into the food coloring mixture, and paint away!

Idea inspired by No Time For Flash Cards.

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