my photographers in action

12:00 AM

I think it was just as fun capturing my little photographers in action as it was photographing nature. I was surprised at how much they positioned themselves so that they could get the "perfect shot." Climbing trees, laying down, steadying themselves on a rock, they were really into it! It made me wonder how much they've seen me do that. I must look ridiculous at times.

girl photographer

boy photographer

photographing the view

photographing the sky

photographing plumeria

photographing the drive

Do you have some budding photographers in your house?

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  1. LOL! Only myself... but, I've stayed in bud form for a very, very long time. LOL! They are absolutely precious, Jen. And, they have a marvelous mentor. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Love it! what great shots of your kids doing what they have seen you do, now they can share this passionate joy with you too

  3. Absolutely fabulous!!! I'm sure my kids would love to get their hands on my camera, but they'll need to start with something a little less heavy and complex.

    I've volunteered to help shoot family photos on Mothers' Day at church, if they need an extra volunteer. Any tips for me??

  4. Haha this is awesome!! They are going to be superstars :)

  5. Love these! Both Emma and Johnny enjoy taking pictures - and Emma already has her eye on my SLR.

  6. These pictures made me smile! :) Looks like they are very serious and intent about photography! ~Frances

  7. Nice pictures, I love your young photographers and love for photography!

  8. It looks like it was a beautiful day. My 5 year old is the only one old enough to trust with a camera and those few encounters were very brief. He takes photos on the phone some and he knows when "it's all blarry" (blurry). Fun stuff!

  9. This so fun, especially following the previous post. You've got some talented younguns there :)


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