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Two weekends ago, Jeremy and I got away to Pretoria for one night. The beautiful thing about living in community is that we can easily do a childcare swap for a night away. We decided to hit up the Antique Route, one of our favorite hotspots in Pretoria. I had a list of things I was on the hunt for. I didn't get everything on my list but it sure was fun to look.

antique wardrobe

I've had a bedroom makeover going on the past several weeks and at the top of my list was a wardrobe for hanging our clothes. I told myself to look at the potential and not just what I saw on the outside. Well, not only did I like what I saw with this one, but we got it for a great price! I love the dark wood against my light blue walls.

hat and gloves

potted plants

I also grabbed a few fun things...tin planters for outside plants, an old fashioned hat and gloves for a certain little girl (photo shoot planning is currently in the works), and a typewriter. The kids have been asking for a typewriter, so this was perfect. I wonder if I'll be able to find a new ribbon for it. Despite that, it's already been great fun for pretend play.

old typewriter

I really love finding old treasures. Do you like antique shopping?

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  1. Great finds, Jen; but it is your photos of them that I really love!! Great style. blessings ~ tanna
    ps looking forward to the hat and glove shoot!

  2. That wardrobe is FAB! This is the first house we've lived in without a closet, and I have been amazed at how well a wardrobe works for us. And they look good, too. :)

  3. I love the wardrobe! I think typewriters are fantastic for pretend play!

  4. Your new wardrobe is so beautiful! And your other finds are just as fabulous. :) I absolutely love scoring a good vintage find.

  5. what great finds! the wardrobe is beautiful! and the typewriter is so much fun. i love treasure hunting. :)


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