crockpot zuppa toscana

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zuppa toscana

Winter is on the horizon here in the Southern Hemisphere. You know what that means? Soups and stews, lots of them. I love making soup but only in Winter (soup in Summer is no bueno). By the way, did you know that it gets cold in S. Africa? It's easy to think Africa is hot but man, concrete buildings in the Winter are just plain cold. I think the other night it got down to 3 degrees Celsius. Cold, I tell you.

So, naturally, soups are on the menu multiple times a week. The other night I made Crockpot Zuppa Toscana from Key Ingredient. I didn't have Italian sausage (actually I don't know if you can get that here), so I used a S. African beef farmer's sausage. I've also never seen kale here (unfortunately), so I used swiss chard. I also skipped the bacon. This soup was so good. In fact, Joshua asked me to make it again sometime. Score!

With my busy life lately, I haven't cooked as much and definitely haven't tried many new recipes. It felt good to try something new that was a hit!

Any great recipes you've tried lately?

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  1. Mmm mm this looks wonderful - I feel like I have to buy a crockpot just to try this recipe

  2. Winter here, too, and oh yes, the soups!!! Love using the crockpot and this looks like it would be extremely popular with my crew. Thank you for the recipe!

  3. You lost me at "I skipped the bacon." Ha! Seriously it looks good. That's my favorite soup at Olive Garden.


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