the monkeys are invading

12:00 AM

Anyone out there think that monkeys are cute, cuddly animals? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but they most certainly are not. I'm not a fan of monkeys. That was quickly realized when we moved to Africa.


It seems in the jungle of trees by our property that there's been some monkey breeding going on. They are everywhere! The other day there had to have been 20 on our drive. They must think we sleep too much because in the early morning hours, I sometimes hear them on the roof of our house!

2 monkeys

These monkeys are getting braver. They've started venturing further onto our grounds. They've already destroyed one of my papaya trees, and the other day they starting ripping branches off of another. They've found the fruit trees and also ripped up some onions in the ground. I'm ready for these unwelcomed guests to leave, but I'm afraid that as long as they're finding food, they are going to want to stay. I know I'm on a rant here, but they're invading! (For anyone interested, these are vervet monkeys...educational moment of the day.)

Anyone know how to get rid of monkeys?

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  1. Oh my goodness these are amazing captures!! I can't believe they come so close.

  2. Oh wow, I have no suggestions, and I could see these guys causing a lot of problems!

    When my parents lived in Nicaragua there was a monkey that lived at their church building, which was really a roof with four open sides. The monkey would walk all over the place during church - there wasn't really anything anyone could do about it!

  3. oh my gosh! i think i would be a little freaked out! lol i wish i could help you... no clue how to get rid of them!

  4. I know that is like us seeing deer here, but it is still hard for me to wrap my brain around having monkeys in your yard!!! Too bad they aren't what you think of when you see the pictures of them in Hawaiian shirts ;)

  5. Eeek! A tall fence??! :( Oh wait, I know... PRAYER!!! :)

  6. Two big dogs?! Wow! I hope they go away soon. Are there neighbors to ask?


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