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Little Menzi here totally sums up a huge reason why I love photography. Late Friday afternoon, I drove to little Menzi's house to bring his family a gift for their new HOME that was just completed last Thursday. I had taken their family photo one day in the midst of building going on, so I framed it as a gift for them. Most days that I see Menzi, his smiles are few. As I was talking to his Mama, I looked over and he was resting his head on the table just admiring the portrait. My heart melted as I tried to hold back tears.

I have the privilege of taking lots of photos of my kids and hanging them all over my house. One of the things I've found heartbreaking living in Africa and working with orphans is that some of them have little or no family photos. Can you imagine losing your parents as a child and not having a photo to remember them by? I've decided that every HOME Ten Thousand Homes builds that my gift to the family is going to be a framed portrait. Thank you, Menzi, for the reminder of the power of photos. I pray it brings a smile to your face every time you see it.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow. Incredible. Thanks for sharing, and al you're doing.

  2. Yes, wonderfully sweet and pleasant this picture ...!

  3. Heart warming and what a gift to them, love that you are doing this for them, it's a treasure

  4. What a wonderful gift! I love this picture.

  5. I always loved seeing photos I took displayed in the clients homes, it warmed my heart, but THIS, this is just beyond touching. I think that is a great idea!


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