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Instagram was very kind to tell the story of my birthday fun yesterday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes here and on Facebook, friends. Special thanks to my husband for planning such an awesome day, especially the surprise party at the end! I so love that man. And thanks for all our friends who helped make the party awesome. I love you all!

Sweet note from my boy. Love him so much.

Hanging out with this girl. She just bought me a freshly squeezed OJ for my bday.

My kids know what I like. Time for a smoothie from my fav smoothie place in SA. The gem from Kauai is the bomb!

Bowling time! Haven't done this in years. So fun!

Apparently in SA you can bowl barefoot.

After such a great day, I came home to a yard full of people. I feel so loved.

I love that I got to spend one-on-one time with each member of my family. Joshua took me to the mall where we enjoyed a game of bowling. So fun! I hadn't bowled in a long time. I couldn't believe that the choices were to bowl in bowling shoes (of course), socks, or bare feet. I don't believe those last 2 options would fly in America. :)

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  1. You're so right - bowling barefoot would totally not fly in the US but I know what option I would choose if given one

  2. Happy belated birthday! My son celebrates his birthday today. :-)

  3. No fair! I want to bowl barefoot! :)

  4. Happy birthday!!

    That makes me curious whether we're allowed to bowl barefoot here in Australia. I see people in shopping areas with bare feet sometimes.


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