how do you feel about sleepovers?

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Sleepovers. What are your thoughts? Have your kids reached the age to have sleepovers? I'm sharing my thoughts as well as some ideas to keep mama sane during a house full of kids over at Tommy Nelson!

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  1. I love spending time with dear friends!! And sleep over at each other is really wonderful for we narrow down the links!

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  3. I like when my kids have sleepovers, it´s cosy and fun! :-)

  4. I think you're in a wonderful and unique situation where you know a LOT about the people involved in the sleepovers. My experiences growing up were not good (even though they were always with fellow classmates at Christian schools). I was the one kid who wouldn't participate in the bad things that were happening. NOT FUN. My sister enjoyed them and went to more than I did, but she was always sooooo cranky the day after, which the rest of the family suffered through.


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