distance can still make the heart grow fonder

12:00 AM


We've lived away from family most of our married life. Catch me over at Faith Gateway writing about how we keep in touch from a distance. Do you live away from family? If so, what's the best way you've found to stay connected?

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  1. We live far from our family, Facebook is a great help, my blog as well - and then phonecalls of course. :-)


  2. I like that postcard idea! Simple and sweet. Everyone else, except my mum, on both sides of the family Facebooks, so we don't hear from them much, but they think we know what's happening with them. LOL! I blog and email and Skype my sister once a month.

  3. Facebook, phone calls, and G+ chats help us! I do like physical mail as well - it just feels that extra special.


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