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12:00 AM

purple flower

I know I say this a lot, but this is a busy week, for reals. Progress is happening on the inside of our house (totally jumping up and down at this) thanks to the fact that one of the hired workers on our campus is working full-time at our house. It's awesome, but it means I have to be prepared each day with materials and a project list for him to do. I'm also teaching every morning this week on Identity in Christ, a topic that I am very passionate about and count a privilege to be able to teach on.

Did I also mention that, in the midst of all that, my husband is gone until the end of September? He's in Europe speaking about Ten Thousand Homes this week and connecting with some awesome friends we have there. Next week he's (along with several other guys) driving a car from London to Romania. Along the way, he's playing his music at various venues! I'm super proud and excited for him.

So, I'm warning you now...I will not be back until Friday with In The Studio. Sometimes you just gotta step away for the sake of your sanity. Know what I mean? Have a great week, friends, and I'll "see" you on Friday!

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  1. One day at a time..! :-)


  2. Know what you mean! Lots of very positive and important things going on.

  3. Pretty picture! I'm getting alot done, too, thanks (?) to the hacker on my site!

  4. exciting things, happening all around you, i wish you well..

  5. Love this pic! Sounds like you are keeping busy!

    My husband is gone, too - working in Massachusetts until the end of October.

  6. Sure do, glad you are wise enough to take the step when it's needed :-)

  7. Rest and breathe!!! Blessings to you! patsy

  8. It's nice to see these beautiful flower, great colors, beautiful photo! I see you're very busy this week! Have a good one!


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