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Happy Tuesday, friends! Yesterday was my first official back to work day after the holiday break. I have to admit, after week one of the holidays, I was worried that two weeks wasn't going to be enough time to let myself rest. I, we, were exhausted. The first few days of Christmas break I literally slept, peeling myself from horizontal positions to feed my family and use the toilet (sorry, bathroom, for Americans). I thought something was wrong with me until the fog started to lift, and I realized it was exhaustion.

It was a wake up call actually. 

Before Christmas break, God had already started speaking to me and gently urging me to let some things go. It was hard, but that wake up call reinforced the need to let go and put some disciplines and practices in my life. I'm slowly working on that.

We had several beautiful rainbows lately, and every time it reminds me to cling to God's amazing promises for my life, my family, and this work we are doing in Africa. Seeing those promises fulfilled takes knowing when to rest, knowing when to let things go, and knowing when to dig in deep. I'm so looking forward to a new year and all that unfolds. Let's do this!

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  1. You go Jen!!!(Happy new year by the way:) )

  2. Be sure to get enough rest, okay?


  3. What a gorgeous photo! Hope it's easy for you to prune some things out.

  4. Don't forget to take care of yourself! I also like to dictate to my body what I want it to do but sometimes it does need a break

  5. I got over-exhausted at the end of last year too. So hard to keep commitments at a manageable level! Here's hoping we both have the wisdom to do so.


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