karate championship

12:00 AM

Off to the karate championship! We put the clown show in the back.

Joshua had his first karate championship over the weekend. ALL the kids wanted to come with us which was great but meant for a very early haul with 6 sleepy children. We put the young ones (plus one adult) in the back of the South African version of the El Camino (let's not talk about danger here) and we were off. There was no sweeping of the leg, but I still felt like I was in the Karate Kid movie.



After waiting SIX hours, Joshua was finally able to complete. He placed third for his kata even though he was feeling achy and suffering with a headache and sore throat. So proud of this boy and his hard work!

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  1. Congratulations, Josh! Great competition pic!

  2. Funny, yes, to have a good time! Cute Pic

  3. Oh you must be so proud - good for Joshua!


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