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Joshua swears he didn't name her after Snowy in The Adventures of TinTin. I do believe, however, that he was certainly inspired by his favorite book series. At least the name suits her. She's been with us a whole five days, and I think she's managed to get utterly spoiled in that short amount of time. She's doing so good although I feel like I've stepped back into baby life. I put her in the bathroom at night and by 5 am (if not sooner), she's whimpering. After an outside bathroom break, she's a furry ball of energy ready to PLAY! I found myself taking three naps yesterday. I'm exhausted!

play ball

The kids absolutely adore her, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. They ooh and aah over all her "firsts." Baby life, I tell you.

giving a bath

"Ah, her first bath."

"Look, her first poop."

"She answered to her name."

"She just kissed me."

after her bath

It's hilarious. I keep telling the kids it's like having a baby, and I've been telling them stories of what they were like as babies. I have to admit. I was hesitant getting a puppy for so many reasons, but she's been a sweet, cuddly thing. I can honestly say I'm glad she's joined this family. :)

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  1. Awww! What memories! A puppy? As a mom this adds a whole new feeling of... fear? Dread?

    But great memories all at once! ;)

  2. Yes, very tender! Beautiful photos!

  3. oh my... goodness! a puppy... and oh how they look up to us, to trust, care for their every need... just as God would like us to do with Him! Happy Day! Cute name! {especially when you live in montana!} :)

  4. She is just soooo adorable - can't wait to watch her grow!

  5. ooohh! Yep my day just brightened, from looking at those pictures!

    I do remember how exhausting those little pups are-- my brother got one a few years back, but since he was working dawn to past dusk, his loving sister (me) got to handle everything with the dog. :) Naps are a must!

  6. I want a puppy! We have to find one that will work with Mike's allergies, though - and I think I'll wait until Anna is not a baby herself. She LOVES dogs, though.

    Your puppy is darling, and these pictures are fantastic!

  7. Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I'm trying to catch up now. Snowy is SO adorable!! I remember when we first got our baby puppy! :)


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