peter pan

12:00 AM

A few weeks ago, the kid's school put on a production of Peter Pan. Our Joshua played Peter Pan and, Emma Grace was one of the lost boys. Both did a fantastic job. The drama teacher did an excellent job of putting this play together with only 11 kids in the school!

peter pan

peter and wendy

the lost boys

move out of the way

angry at tinkerbell

peter pan cast

Afterwards, the kids read poems they wrote about being a kid. They all did such a good job!

josh a child

eg a child

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  1. Wonderful! Productions like this help kids really understand the characters they read about.

  2. ... for an inspiring look into how this can impact character formation:

  3. That's great! Loved seeing the photo spread of the play. My Grand-daughter is into drama as well, my hat's off to these kids to be able to do what they do!

  4. Awww, they both look terribly adorable. How did the poems turn out?


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