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cute ice cream parlor
isn't this ice cream parlor the cutest??

The nice thing about posting vacation photos a week after you get back is that you get to sort of re-live it again. We had such a great time and greatly thank our Orlando friends for giving us such a great hook-up!

the penguins

penguin bubbles

looking at penguins

Our first theme park adventure was at Sea World. We visited Sea World San Antonio a few years ago. It was fun to check out their brand new exhibit, Antarctica, featuring penguins! It was seriously cold, though. We looked at the penguins as long as we could and then jetted out of the arctic wind. Brrr...

flying man

flying dolphin

dolphin show

flying sea lion


We chose to watch the dolphin show (highly recommended) and the sea lion and otter show. I would also recommend the Shamu show. We did that one last time, and it was excellent.

seahorse trash
seahorse made out of trash washed up on sad.

While the boys braved a loop-de-loop roller coaster, Emma G and I rode the paddle boats. She really, really wanted to ride them. When her feet conveniently didn't touch the pedals, she suddenly declared herself captain. In case you're wondering, the captain is only in charge of steering, not making the boat move. I quickly realized why the lady told us to come back whenever we were tired even though the sign said a 20 minute limit. I was toast by 10. It was hard work!

paddle boat

Sea World was one of our many vacation adventures. More to come!

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  1. That ice cream parlour could not be cuter!!
    I love paddleboats, but that looks like an extra heavy version! What a workout (for the... first mate? crew member?)! I'm glad the captain enjoyed her cruise. :)


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