geocaching in london

12:00 AM

So we've been quite the boring tourists here in England. Truth be told, I was exhausted when I arrived on UK soil. Two months of galavanting all over the place with your kids might sound glamorous and fun, but it's taken a heavy toll on me this time, and I wasn't expecting it. I've been perfectly happy to stay back with the kids while Jeremy does his connecting-for-Ten-Thousand-Homes-thing.

signing the cache

found it!

We saw several London sights last time we were here, so my list of things to-do has been rather small anyway. Our first "real" day out, we visited Hamley's, so Joshua could spend the £20 he got for his birthday. I also decided it was time to introduce the kids to geocaching. I'd heard of it, but we had never done it. My kids loved it. What's not to love about the biggest hide-and-go-seek game around?


riding a bike

handmade bike from india

After finding our first ever cache, we stumbled upon a new pop-up shop selling handmade bikes from India. Jeremy took a stroll on one. They're so cool. Would have loved to been able to transport one to Africa!

We are SA bound tomorrow! Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. :)

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  1. I've never gone geocaching before but now I'm intrigued. Safe travels home!

  2. My boys have been wanting to geocache for years now, but they never have gotten around to it. It sounds like fun! Love the bikes from India!

  3. How very cool. I've heard slightly about geocaching, but never really knew much about it! Fun!


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