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Understanding Culture

Culture is such an interesting thing. A recent conversation indicating I had gained weight on our trip to the states was a clear reminder of how culture plays into our daily life. I'm learning to use humor instead of letting offenses rise up. It really is quite comical when you step back and look at it. Read more about understanding culture over at Petit Elefant.

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  1. Beautiful henna! We went to the US Consulate today, and it was soooo nice to not be the only person around with an American accent. I stick out all the time...

  2. That would be a tricky one for sure! I bet you look great and I love those Austin food trucks too! My brother in law is there right now.

  3. Culture is huge! I love the richness that comes of mixing cultures.

  4. Yes, the great variety of cultures is what makes life interesting !!


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