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Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! We started a new discipleship school here in S. Africa this week. Five students from USA and S. Africa have come together for five months to deepen their relationship with God and be a part of His heart for orphans and vulnerable children. Jeremy and I are leading this school which is super exciting because, I LOVE these schools. Just look at the crazy bunch we have to work with over the next five months!

DTS 2014

One of the cool things about this school is that we are incorporating LOTS of creativity. I believe creativity is so vital. It helps us process difficult things. It helps us articulate when there are no words. There's a freedom that happens when we let go and CREATE.

new wineskins

We started with 4 blank canvases. They're fresh starts. The beginning. They're new wineskins as it says in Matthew 9:17. Over the next five months we will fill these blank canvases with layers and layers of the new wine, the change, that God will be doing in us. I can't wait to see the masterpiece that is going to emerge!

the start of something beautiful


first day

The thing I absolutely love about the creative process is that there's a freedom that happens when we push through the insecurities to create. It's so incredibly beautiful.

Now it's your turn! Remember your "studio" can be anywhere. Let's celebrate each other's creativity by linking up and visiting as many as the other studios as you can. Check out the about post for more info and don't forget to grab the In The Studio button!

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  1. They look like they are having a blast!

  2. WOW! This is an incredible Godly project you have undertaken, and one that will be a joy for everyone involved. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

  3. Ah! This is SO fun! Love the creativity!!

  4. I love this beautiful painting, much happiness. Wonderful funny pictures.

  5. how fun! and the joy on their faces... priceless!!


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