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8:07 AM

48 visa pages added to passport...check. Crazy brain to spend 3 days on an airplane & only 6 days in USA...check, check. Seems I'm all ready to go.

Well, here I am sitting at London Heathrow's Terminal 5 waiting for a flight back to South Africa. I made a quick blip to the states to attend a conference, and by quick blip I mean 6 days in country. It was madness, but we had to leave the kids in South Africa, so I didn't want to be gone too long.

My quietness around here is attributed to that. I'm not exactly sure what day it is or if I'm coming or going. What I do know is that I'm missing my husband who is still traveling for another week plus, and I do know that I'm terribly excited to see my kids in 24 hours.

I'll be back full swing next week with some goings on. Look for some great giveaways coming up, too!

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