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This is what happens when candy is sour beyond what you can handle. @wawaprice
This photo makes me laugh every time.

Today my oldest turns thirteen. Thirteen! I can't believe we have a teenager in the house! Cliche or not, it was just yesterday that I was holding my 9 lb 12 ozer in my arms. This young man is growing up way too quickly.

The boys have been on a special thirteen year old trip this week which has left Emma G and I up to planning a very special SURPRISE party! We've been rubbing our hands together in glee at the goings on happening at this house. Well, I must be going to start prepping pizzas! More in this space later on this very special guy and his epic surprise.

Happy birthday, Joshua! I love you!!

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  1. Aaaah! A teenager! We can't be this old already, Jen, right?!

  2. Wow, growing up! I look forward to reading about the surprise party.


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