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I recently wrote a post on Tommy Nelson about getting your kids off tech and outside, not because I'm an expert at it, but because, as my son gets older and he is drawn more and more to tech, it gets increasingly difficult. How do you balance tech time with encouraging your children to go outside? Do tell!

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  1. Great ideas in your post, Jen! This is uncharted territory here, so I'm learning from you.

  2. And I wanted to also say, good on you for not giving your kids mobile phones yet. With the huge amount of inappropriate and downright harmful content online, filtering software is a must... but I'm not even sure if it works on mobile devices?! I'm hoping effective, reliable filtering technology is there when my kids need it. Right now I have the laptops they use for their online schooling locked down to only allow a handful of sites I have whitelisted. But that will be less easy to do as time goes by...


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