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I didn't mean to take such a long break from showing off our little apartment, but you know, life gets busy. I feel particularly busy with the season I'm in with my kids. But alas, the final post on the fun and craftiness in our little apartment. I'm a big fan of eye candy for the bed. It needs to look inviting. For me, that looks like pillows, lots of them. I had a great time picking out fabric and pillow sizes for our bed. How inviting is that? I also need to mention the awesome custom bed that one of our friends made. I showed him this photo on Pinterest and voila! I love it.


The other sewing that needed to happen was a curtain for the window. In the whole apartment, there was only one window that needed a curtain. I love a good corner with beautiful curtains and a lamp!


I also sewed the shower curtain. That was a nightmare because of my not measuring right, but I made it work, and I like the end product.

beaded lampshade

The final bit of crafting in this space were the lampshades. My mother-in-love has a lamp with a beaded wire lampshade, and I thought, "Oh! That would be fun!" I love how those lamps look with a soft light.


That concludes my projects for this space. What fun creative stuff have you been up to lately?

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